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Nicholas E. Terezis, CFA, MBA
President, Marathon Strategic Advisors, LLC

Welcome to Marathon Strategic Advisors’ web site. As you browse through our site, I hope that you will learn why Marathon is truly the long term investment choice for our clients. Allow me to start by sharing a bit of our background with you.

One of the main reasons that I formed Marathon in 1999 was because I saw a need that was not being adequately met by the investment community. My goal was to create a client-centered investment company that was built on the foundation of honesty and integrity. Further, I wanted to base all of the services that we provided on what I would personally want and expect if I were a client of the firm.

As simple as these goals sound, finding an investment management company that fits this description is extremely rare. Most investment related companies have numerous conflicts of interest that put the companys’ profit goals ahead of the needs of their clients. I don’t think that this is the correct way to do business. This is why I formed Marathon under the premise that everyone deserves to receive completely objective investment advice that is free from conflicts of interest. We carefully design, implement, and maintain each investment solution for our clients with their best interests in mind.

The culture of a company is always set by its leaders, and is propagated from the top down. This is what we believe in: doing the right thing for our clients; always putting our clients’ interests first; being fair and respectful in all matters; taking care of our community and staff; and in not being greedy as individuals.

In selecting an investment advisor, you should choose a manager whom you and your family can trust, depend on, and grow with during your lifetimes and for generations to come.

Please enjoy visiting to our web site, and thank you for considering Marathon Strategic Advisors as the long-term solution to your investment management needs.


- Nicholas E. Terezis, CFA, MBA
President and Founder of Marathon Strategic Advisors


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