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At Marathon we believe that strong client communication is vital. With this in mind, we have constructed a series of reports that we believe will keep you as well informed about investments as possible.

Reports Mailed to Clients

Quarterly Reporting:
Each quarter Marathon will prepare the following position and performance reports:
      • current holdings;
      • performance during the latest quarter;
      • performance history since Marathon has been managing your assets.
Annual Reporting:
At the end of every year, Marathon will provide an additional set of in-depth reports that review your:
      • portfolio sector break down;
      • unrealized gains and losses;
      • realized gains and losses for the past year (useful for tax reporting);
      • purchases and sales that took place over the past twelve months.

Reports and Information Available Over the Internet

Monthly Reporting:
The following personalized reports are updated monthly on our site (client user ID and password are required for access):
      • current holdings;
      • top holdings;
      • performance (year-to-month);
      • performance (quarter-to-month);
      • performance history (monthly);
      • performance history (quarterly);
      • unrealized gains and losses;
      • realized gains and losses (year-to-month);
      • all purchases and sales (year-to-month).
Marathon's web site contains a wealth of information, articles and links to other web sites that visitors can use to become more knowledgeable about individual securities, investing and the economic environment.

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