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Clients of Marathon Strategic Advisors are predominantly individuals, trusts, and retirement plans. Our clients include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys, physicians, and small business owners who value the rigor of our investment methodology and customized personal service. Our clients are often successful business people and retirees. Frequently, we manage multiple portfolios for the same individual or family group in a coordinated fashion for both tax efficiency and diversification purposes.

A common characteristic of our clients is that they are independent thinkers who value an individualized investment approach. Many have evaluated the offerings of other financial professionals and large institutions, and have decided that an expensive, biased, off-the-shelf approach would not work for them. They appreciate the opportunity to work directly with highly trained investment professional who understand their needs and who invest their money accordingly.

Our clients generally all agree on the following principles:

  • As long as we have agreed on an asset allocation that will meet my objectives and as long as I am kept informed, I am comfortable with Marathon managing my money while I live my life.
  • I agree that paying a fee for someone to manage my money makes sense.
  • I am comfortable with utilizing the concept of diversification for the management of my portfolio.
  • I enjoy a high level of service, communication, and documentation on my portfolio.
  • I prefer that my portfolio grow more slowly and more consistently over the long-term than follow a more volatile approach.

We also believe that our clients share our same values – integrity, family, discipline, accountability, and respect for achievement.

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